November 24, 2016

Behind-the-Scenes of Creating “Honestly Ed’s” Part 1: The Concept

Here’s how my “Honestly Ed’s” faux clothing campaign came to be. Last summer I was wandering the store and came across a huge section of bargain-priced white t-shirts that Honest Ed’s had personalized with their logo and a few of their hand-printed slogans. I picked up a bunch of them on the spot, thinking they would make fantastic souvenirs. Soon afterwards, I started playing around with the idea of shooting model friends in the t-shirts as part of a faux clothing campaign. My hope was to capture the character of Honest Ed’s: Fun, carefree and embracing a spirit of kitsch while not taking itself too seriously.


Behind-The-Scenes of the photo shoot

I shot the models with different vibes; while some models are fun and flirty, others are sporting sexy wet t-shirts and giving us their best blue steel sexiness. Embracing the spirit of spontaneity, I surprised my clothing stylist Mirian Njoh on set, handing her scissors with a request to create personalized t-shirt edits on the models right then and there as we shot. She totally delivered, giving each Honest Ed’s shirt and model an even more unique vibe.