February 16, 2019
“Jukebox", from my #ReturnToTwinPeaks photographic passion project. #TwinPeaks . . . . . . . From my artist statement: Photographer and digital artist Morrow created images capturing the fictional town of Twin Peaks, just as this pop culture phenomenon returned to television. Morrow traveled to Washington state and photographed actual filming locations from the TV series, and then digitally integrated the environments with models shot in his Toronto studio. Surreal and dreamlike, new and familiar faces populate his version of a town known for being “both wonderful and strange.” . . This image is a combination of original photos I have taken of the real Double R Diner (Twede’s Cafe in North Bend, WA) and models in my photo studio in Toronto. My models echo the irreplaceable Dale and Audrey, @kyle_maclachlan and @sherriisme. Fun fact: My models couldn’t make my shoot at the same time, so I photographed them separately acting like the other was there and then combined them in the final image with #Photoshop. . . @twinpeaks #TheOwlsAreNotWhatTheySeem #TwinPeaks #DavidLynch #MarkFrost #AudreyHorne #DaleCooper #WhoKilledLauraPalmer #DoubleRDiner #Twedes #TwedesCafe #NorthBend @mopopseattle @monamuseum @festivalofdisruption #WhatYearIsThis #Riverdale

My passion for pop culture stems from being raised on a steady diet of TV, comic books and action figures while growing up in a small village in Ontario that resembled Twin Peaks. After graduating college photography studies in Toronto, I interned for photography icon Annie Leibovitz (and Martin Schoeller, her first assistant at the time) in New York, NY. I went on to shoot such music greats as Radiohead, Oasis, Moby and Sloan while also studying design and advertising.

I’m a photographer and a photo illustrator/digital artist, with expertise in traditional in-camera image creation and multi-image digital compositing. I’m also an accomplished art director, graphic designer and illustrator, bringing that experience to the table when working on client imagery.

My photo series “The Beth Project” has been featured on Good Morning America, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Huffington Post America/Canada/Britain, People, CNN, Inside Edition, Global News, The CBC, Yahoo.com, ABC News, Fox News, DesignTaxi, DIY Photography, PetaPixel, ViralNova, The Daily Mail, TheLoop.ca, MyModernMet, ViralNova, and more across the world.

I like to keep things fun, friendly and simple while creating memorable images. If that sounds like your vibe, let’s work together!


Clients Include:

  • BBDO New York
  • McCann Canada
  • Coca-Cola
  • Cineplex
  • St. Martin’s Press
  • Raygun Magazine
  • Universal Music
  • Nettwerk Records
  • Capital Records
  • MuchMusic
  • Bravo Television
  • City TV
  • Harlequin Enterprises Ltd
  • Gold Eagle
  • TVOntario
  • Steeple Hill Publishing
  • Berkley Books
  • Random House
  • Source Books
  • Silhouette Books
  • Ace Books
  • Roc Books
  • Penguin Group
  • Ford Motor Company
  • TV Guide
  • Chart Magazine
  • Eye Magazine
  • Oxygen Design Agency